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'llo, pet, s' me. Listen, do me a favor and call me when you get this, yeah? There's--

[sudden interruption, sound of metal crashing and something clanging as it skitters across the floor]

...ah...look, just call me. It's important. Love you.

[distant meaty smack, roar of pain...yes, it's male, and probably Cain breaking some part of his person on something.]

...bollocking shitbags.

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It's...bugger, I probably ought not to have called, but I was afraid to tell your mister, bloke shows his fondness for folk at the oddest bloody times...

[in the background, male voice]

Dont. Fucking. Touch me.

[Spike, to someone nearby]

Bugger all, mate, let 'em look at it or I'll knock you out myself!

[to Baileigh]

It's Hank. She's...had a run in.
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Yeah, stupid bugger tried to put his hand through a wall. Failed.

...Baileigh...Hank's been shot.
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[silence cause that just doesn't compute. Shot? Slayers don't get SHOT.]

...Like...with a gun?
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Yeah. With a gun. Mia ran her to the drug store, vampire came waltzing up and pulled a bloody gun. She took 'im out...Mia, I mean. Doctor said something 'bout her...um...clavicle bein' shattered and...some vein, o-or artery, it's all a mess...

She's gonna be all right, y'hear? She's in surgery at St. Agnes, Cain's being a bloody monster here, but...she's in good hands. I just...I thought you'd want to know, you 'n the little blonde.
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[have the frantic sound of packing]

We'll be there--as soon as we can get the plane off the ground. Just--God. I thought your kind were against guns.
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[snort] You know a bloody thing 'bout me? We're not against a blessed thing can get a Slayer out of our way. There's just...rules, y'know? Unwritten, unspoken. Guns are Man's plaything, weapon of last resort. It's a coward, a fool, or a bloke that's long stopped caring brings a gun to a fight with a Slayer.
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