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“Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

Getting his soul back was supposed to change everything. In truth, it changed very little save for the guilt and self-loathing. The conscience, the pain, that was all the bloody thing really was good for in the end. All it did was drive him mad and send him straight into that blasted pit where all he could do was feel...

Having a soul was fair worthless until he was back at Buffy’s side again. And even then, it wasn’t worth much.

Even when he recorporealized, failed at getting back to her and ended up with Baileigh instead, Spike wasn’t sure he’d made the right call and invested enough in his choice that he couldn’t very well have the bugger removed. Getting to know Bee, becoming part of her life all the way through to Searchlight...that had changed a lot.

That had given his soul value... )
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You'll never see me coming
You'll never know my name
Try to remember, try to forget
But you'll never be the same


Nobody asked him to stay, he just did. It made the most sense, being that he didn’t actually need sleep or food or any of that nonsense. Once Baileigh stormed into the waiting room cursing in both English and Spanish, and once he’d calmed her down enough to explain that Nahuel was behind the shooting, Spike hadn’t left the hospital. It was easy enough to avoid the sun, hospitals weren’t very welcoming to daylight so long as he stayed out of the lobby.

There was always someone in Hank’s room as well. She was always with Joe or Claire or Bee or the Bartletts, and Spike was always with them…except when he was in the ER like he was now, gazing longingly at an accident victim bleeding in the corridor. Guiltily, he imagined the bloke was already dead, and what was a taste of cold meat among friends, right? After all, Cain worked in the damn hospital…

..... )

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