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1. Her middle name is Inez.
2. Her biological father's a stupid twat.
3. She's got at least one younger brother and possibly an older sister. Rico's not said how much older his other sister is than he, and Bee's not met her. No clue if she intends to.
4. She's seeing a scrawny blonde bloke named Sark.
5. She watches TV shows I'd not touch, and I'm a big fan of the soaps.
6. She's all but left us...the house, the Slayers. I'm not griping, just...sorry to see her go, for any reason.
7. She's the only other person besides Buffy that's ever really treated me like a person. Like a man.
8. She's a coffee fiend.
9. She's a bigger shoe junkie.
10. Buffy's been a bloody miserable influence on her in that respect.
11. She's better with a stake than any Slayer I've ever seen...Buffy did far better with a crossbow, in my opinion.
12. She loves the color purple.
13. I'll only say this because she's leaving...but she's the closest I feel I'll ever have to a younger sister. And she'd best know that if she's got any notions of not coming back here.

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1 - The telly, hands down.

2 - The cell phone.

3 - The computer...bloody brilliant, that. Especially since I can type up and password protect my poetry.

4 - The typewriter.

5 - The word processor.

6 - The microwave.

7 - The electric light.

8 - The radio.

9 - The electric guitar.

10 - Punk rock...what? That's a sodding invention of modern music, so shut it.

11 - The car.

12 - The miniskirt...I think that one's self-explanatory, yeah?

13 - The world wide web...I can harass Angel without even bein' there.

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1. My name's Spike.

2. I've killed two Slayers, and loved one more.

3. I'm one of two vampires with a soul. He got cursed with his...I fought for mine.

4. I've died twice...know how I came back the first time. Second...well, I couldn't much tell you.

5. I helped save the world...I'm fairly proud of that.

6. Contrary to whatever filthy lies you might hear from certain motormouth Slayers, I do not leave wet towels on the bloody floor.

7. After I got all recorporealized and whatnot, I took off lookin' for my girl, Buffy. But...well, I didn't make it. Not only did I run into some motor trouble in Colorado, but...I knew I left her right. She gave me something of her, the way we parted...wasn't what I wanted, but I know it was everything she had to give me. Something she gave freely...even if it was a lie.

8. I wanted to go back to California...ran into more motor trouble, and a bit of a fight in Texas. Corpus Christi, to be exact...some stupid bird ran afoul of a couple suckheads, so I got rid of 'em for her. Turns out? Crazy girl was a Slayer...how'd I know? She cracked four of my damn ribs when she hugged me thank-you.

9. These days? I'm living in said crazy girl's basement. Her name's Baileigh Solis, and she's a bloody nuisance. No idea why I put up with her crap except for the fact that she reminds me a bit of Buffy...I don't fancy her that way, but she treats me the same: like a man. Like I'm worthy.

10. Aside from the free blood on premises, the only advantage to bein' her soddin' lodger is that she lets me tape my stories...and I'll never say it to her face, but she's not bad company to watch PASSIONS with.

11. Billy Idol stole his bleedin' look from me. Period, end of sentence.

12. Came in touch with an old mate recently...if you can call him that. Name's Andrew...he's been workin' with some mates of mine, Buffy's crew. They've been recruiting Slayers to train, so we've been tapped to help. They need a cell in Nevada to cover some trouble out that way...the way I been hearin' Curly Sue talk, we just might be sayin' yes.

13. Currently, me and Bee been fightin' hell trying to get rid of a fucking bog demon or water spirit or some such been playing in our pipes and driving me mad...she's the lucky one, she doesn't sleep beneath the bloody pipes and have to hear that incessant burbling and moaning all the damned time. So yeah...if anyone out there knows a thing or two could help? I just might kiss your soddin' feet to pass it along.
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