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2010-08-02 01:54 pm

[voicemail] for [livejournal.com profile] ratherbe_mspeel

Oi, love, s' me. Listen, I've just come back from talking to some contacts: that wanker Nahuel's left town. Not sure yet, where he's headed, but if he's still after me, he'll come after you again.

Keep Hank or Val close, don't go out after dark, and go nowhere alone. I'll be in town double-quick, for now I have to ring Bee and let her know.

Love you...and for the love of all God's trinkets that'll burn me like kindling, keep yourself safe else I'll bloody stake myself and come after you.
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2010-02-27 09:16 pm

[mad muses] february set 2 - a. powell davies quote

“Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

Getting his soul back was supposed to change everything. In truth, it changed very little save for the guilt and self-loathing. The conscience, the pain, that was all the bloody thing really was good for in the end. All it did was drive him mad and send him straight into that blasted pit where all he could do was feel...

Having a soul was fair worthless until he was back at Buffy’s side again. And even then, it wasn’t worth much.

Even when he recorporealized, failed at getting back to her and ended up with Baileigh instead, Spike wasn’t sure he’d made the right call and invested enough in his choice that he couldn’t very well have the bugger removed. Getting to know Bee, becoming part of her life all the way through to Searchlight...that had changed a lot.

That had given his soul value... )
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2009-08-24 03:28 pm

[jp] soft

NOTE: Baileigh is [livejournal.com profile] deep_red_bells and Amelia is [livejournal.com profile] ratherbe_mspeel. Both are used with love and knowledge of their mun. Annie is [livejournal.com profile] morsus_mihi and mine to abuse as I see fit.


“Hmm?” Baileigh and Amelia murmured distractedly, heads lifting from the books they were studying.

“You’re both well aware there’s a surplus of chairs in this house, yeah? Some of them even outside in the sun?”

“Yes, love, we are.” Amelia assured him, leaning forward a little to show Bailegh her book. “I’m sorry, but is this what it looks like?”

Baileigh peered at the etching she was displaying, then nodded sympathetically. “Yep. That’s exactly what it is. Sorry.”

“Oh…well, that’s bloody disgusting.”

“So’s black pudding.”

“Hank likes it!”

With a sigh, Spike placed a hand on one leg of each woman that was seated on his lap. “If there’s so many bloody chairs in this house, why the hell d’you both have to sit on me?

..... )

Muse: Spike
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Words: 693
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2009-08-21 07:00 pm

[voicemail left for [livejournal.com profile] deep_red_bells]

Oi, s' me. Didn't say thank you properly...for the hand, I mean. Lot of you bled to save me, but I appreciate you most of all. Meant a lot to me.

Anyway, er...I dunno. Gimme a call sometime, yeah? I feel pretty...peculiar about the whole soddin' mess. Guess I could stand to talk.

...right, then. Talk t'you soon.
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2009-08-19 11:22 am

[mad muses] august 2.1.3. - martin luther king, jr. quote

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."


Fever had him in its grips, blinding him with white-hot flame. Somewhere in the place where he could still think clearly, he knew he was dying and mourned the loss. Pain he could handle, delirium and hallucinations were no big deal. Hell, he could even stand in judgment and tough out having his victims paraded before him by the Almighty himself…he’d already put himself through that wringer once upon a time.

I don’t know if you can hear me…but you’ve got to trust me.

He could trust the pain, he could trust the dark. Blinding whiteness he couldn’t handle, he couldn’t go into it willingly. He wasn’t made for it, not anymore. He played at the edges, but all it was ever going to be was an act. Even his soul was a lie, torment for a demon’s life that the man had to atone for. Sins he’d committed, sins he’d never even conceived…

..... )

Muse: Spike
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Words: 1,065
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2009-07-31 11:45 am

[mad muses] july 2.2.3 - johnathan brook - what you don't know

You'll never see me coming
You'll never know my name
Try to remember, try to forget
But you'll never be the same


Nobody asked him to stay, he just did. It made the most sense, being that he didn’t actually need sleep or food or any of that nonsense. Once Baileigh stormed into the waiting room cursing in both English and Spanish, and once he’d calmed her down enough to explain that Nahuel was behind the shooting, Spike hadn’t left the hospital. It was easy enough to avoid the sun, hospitals weren’t very welcoming to daylight so long as he stayed out of the lobby.

There was always someone in Hank’s room as well. She was always with Joe or Claire or Bee or the Bartletts, and Spike was always with them…except when he was in the ER like he was now, gazing longingly at an accident victim bleeding in the corridor. Guiltily, he imagined the bloke was already dead, and what was a taste of cold meat among friends, right? After all, Cain worked in the damn hospital…

..... )

Muse: Spike
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Words: 772
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2009-07-29 08:28 pm

[voicemail] for Baileigh

'llo, pet, s' me. Listen, do me a favor and call me when you get this, yeah? There's--

[sudden interruption, sound of metal crashing and something clanging as it skitters across the floor]

...ah...look, just call me. It's important. Love you.

[distant meaty smack, roar of pain...yes, it's male, and probably Cain breaking some part of his person on something.]

...bollocking shitbags.

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2009-02-10 02:56 pm

[smut!fic for ratherbe-mspeel] what are you doing the rest of your night?

NOTE: takes place on Valentine's Day. :P

“Spike? Spiiiike…Spike!”

With a grunt, Spike snuffled and stirred, realizing that someone was shaking his shoulder. Lifting his head and not bothering to open his eyes, he inhaled…and caught the identity of his antagonist on a breath of citrus and Chanel.

“Amelia, what the bugger d’you want?” )
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2009-01-15 03:07 pm

[jp] thomas moore quote

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

She wasn’t like any of the other girls.

Drusilla offered him love, eternal life, beauty and glorious darkness to hide in when the world was an ugly and cold place. She was his greatest love, his dark mother, his sweet and simple princess…the reason he was even here to think on another woman.

Buffy offered him nothing by choice, and yet gave him a reason to step into the light once again. She was forced by fate, life, and all the powers above to draw back the curtain for him…to reveal the world was still waiting, beautiful and worthy of a little effort to make it something great again. She showed him his place in that world, the ray of sunlight that was out there waiting for him. Her pity and her compassion were the only thing she ever gave him purely, willingly, but it was those things that brought him to Searchlight…and his thoughts to another person.

Baileigh was his sister, his best friend and the greatest ally he’d ever know. Of all the women in his life, she was the one that treated him as more than a man or even an equal: she treated him as family. With her, he belonged…no matter how evil or flawed, in her home and in her life he forever had a place where he simply fit. She was the one to truly welcome him back to the world, with arms wide open and warmly ready to accept him for all that he was…she was the one that made it all right to stop and stare.

Baileigh made it okay for him to think of her. The girl with the broad smile and soft, strong voice that offered him absolutely nothing. A beer, a pint of blood, a quick word and a mind wide open to the world. He could smell the wind in her hair and almost hear her laugh depart as soon as it came, carried off on some errant breeze that might blow her away any second.

She offered him nothing…not a blessed thing that wasn’t his rightful due as a man, as a human (in theory)…as a person.

Amelia Steed wasn’t like any of the other girls, because she wasn’t trying to make anything of him. She was just another girl, and he just another boy…and there was something about the idea of being the boy to her girl that rather appealed to him.

Muse: Spike
Fandom: BtVS
Words: 406
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2008-09-08 05:43 pm

[A Call To Arms] Let's see if I can make this soddin' thing work for me...

I hate the bloody internet, and I can't find my ruddy cell phone.

Willow, if you read these stupid things, give us a heads up, yeah? Could use a little confirmation on something in your area of expertise...so to speak.
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2008-06-30 10:39 pm

[locked to Angel]

Oi, Manilow Boy!

Got a sec?
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2008-06-25 09:07 am

[Lucky13] 9.3: 13 Things About The Person Closest To Me

1. Her middle name is Inez.
2. Her biological father's a stupid twat.
3. She's got at least one younger brother and possibly an older sister. Rico's not said how much older his other sister is than he, and Bee's not met her. No clue if she intends to.
4. She's seeing a scrawny blonde bloke named Sark.
5. She watches TV shows I'd not touch, and I'm a big fan of the soaps.
6. She's all but left us...the house, the Slayers. I'm not griping, just...sorry to see her go, for any reason.
7. She's the only other person besides Buffy that's ever really treated me like a person. Like a man.
8. She's a coffee fiend.
9. She's a bigger shoe junkie.
10. Buffy's been a bloody miserable influence on her in that respect.
11. She's better with a stake than any Slayer I've ever seen...Buffy did far better with a crossbow, in my opinion.
12. She loves the color purple.
13. I'll only say this because she's leaving...but she's the closest I feel I'll ever have to a younger sister. And she'd best know that if she's got any notions of not coming back here.

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2008-06-24 07:14 pm

[Make Your List] 29.3 - To-Do List

Things to tend to with Bee gone:

- Have Terry put Faith in charge, official-like...house meeting with the girls.

- Make Annie her second...more familiar face for the girls to look to. Not like the nest of birds'll listen to a damn word I've to say.

- Have Merle prepare his witchlets for an extra workload.

- Get Rico into the system double quick...call Giles, perhaps. Or Andrew...good Lord...

- Watch Ruby close with that damned dog.

- Micromanage the smaller Callahan.

- Talk to the larger one about keepin' his sister on full time at the house.

- Talk to Duquette about sending his girl home...give her a chance to cut and run, at any rate.

- Connect with some contacts I'd rather stay away from...best way to keep tabs on that bloke Nahuel.

- Make damn sure Baileigh's young man has my big and nasties before they take off for the airport. He needs to know what's facing him if I hear there's been ill games afoot out of my sight.