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NOTE: takes place on Valentine's Day. :P

“Spike? Spiiiike…Spike!”

With a grunt, Spike snuffled and stirred, realizing that someone was shaking his shoulder. Lifting his head and not bothering to open his eyes, he inhaled…and caught the identity of his antagonist on a breath of citrus and Chanel.

“Amelia, what the bugger d’you want?”

“Are you sleeping? Didn’t think vampires needed rest…”

“It’s been known to happen.” He groaned, flopping onto his back as he threw an arm over his eyes. “If you’ve woken me to ask me that, I’m going to—bloody buggerin’!...”

He was cut off as Amelia took it upon herself to not only climb into his bed, but swing one leg over his body to straddle his waist. Clad in only a cute little pair of cutoffs and a tank top, it was more than a little uncomfortable given the distribution of her weight.

“Don’t look so shocked…I’ve decided that we’re going to shag, you and I.”

“Oh, and what the bugger makes y’think I’m agreeable to this?” he deadpanned, hoping his agreeable stance didn’t show. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and that self-satisfied little smirk was cute as all hells...

“Well for one, you’re a man.”

“Really? Hadn’t noticed.”

“Two? You fancy me, and I fancy you.”

“And what’s given you that…wait, you do?”

“Three? I do like you terribly, you’re a nice chap for a dead man. It’s so much better when two people like each other.”

“…there’s a fourth item, I assume?”

Not even he was quick enough to stop her when he caught that wicked little smirk just a heartbeat before she moved, rolling her hips aggressively against his.

Oh, he was magnificently agreeable to this little conclusion she’d reached, and now he knew it showed.

He reached for her without thinking, catching her hands and tugging her down as he sat up, capturing her lips in a fierce kiss. She melted into his touch instantly, hands fisting in his hair as her body found a perfect fit to his. Knees against his hips, breasts against his chest, hands bloody everywhere and too many damn clothes keeping them apart…

She was fairly cooperative with the undressing until he tried to move her from his lap to get her pants off. She was quiet happily grinding away in his lap, and while he enjoyed her eagerness to stay close he was already painfully hard and naked under the sheets, so instead of letting her be ridiculous he rolled her on her back and got her naked beneath him.

“Bugger all, Mia…”

“Foreplay’s lovely, Spike, but will you bloody get on with it already?”

Grinning, he instead kissed and nipped a path down the center of her body, tongue circling her navel before he moved lower and allowed himself enough of a taste to send her halfway where he wanted her, bucking and writhing and mewling under his touch.

The best he saved for himself as he finally let her roll him again and lower herself onto his cock with a satisfied sigh. She made him pay for keeping her waiting…slow, deliberate thrusts that left him entranced with the sight of her moving over him. She held him tight inside of her and wasn’t afraid to touch herself as he touched her, hands moving over her own breasts and stomach as he smoothed his over her thighs and ass, and finally her sex in an effort to make her end his torment.

She finally took pity on him and moved faster…she came first and dragged him with her. With her back arched, head thrown back, throat and body exposed he had to wonder if the right sister had been named valkyrie.

When the tremors faded and she collapsed on top of him, he was almost afraid she’d leave…little gypsy seemed the type, after all. And if all she wanted was a good shag…

As she shifted off his body and snuggled against him, the strange little sound she made convinced him he wasn’t shut of her yet…and he didn’t mind too terribly.

The sated little minks was all but purring.


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