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To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

She wasn’t like any of the other girls.

Drusilla offered him love, eternal life, beauty and glorious darkness to hide in when the world was an ugly and cold place. She was his greatest love, his dark mother, his sweet and simple princess…the reason he was even here to think on another woman.

Buffy offered him nothing by choice, and yet gave him a reason to step into the light once again. She was forced by fate, life, and all the powers above to draw back the curtain for him…to reveal the world was still waiting, beautiful and worthy of a little effort to make it something great again. She showed him his place in that world, the ray of sunlight that was out there waiting for him. Her pity and her compassion were the only thing she ever gave him purely, willingly, but it was those things that brought him to Searchlight…and his thoughts to another person.

Baileigh was his sister, his best friend and the greatest ally he’d ever know. Of all the women in his life, she was the one that treated him as more than a man or even an equal: she treated him as family. With her, he belonged…no matter how evil or flawed, in her home and in her life he forever had a place where he simply fit. She was the one to truly welcome him back to the world, with arms wide open and warmly ready to accept him for all that he was…she was the one that made it all right to stop and stare.

Baileigh made it okay for him to think of her. The girl with the broad smile and soft, strong voice that offered him absolutely nothing. A beer, a pint of blood, a quick word and a mind wide open to the world. He could smell the wind in her hair and almost hear her laugh depart as soon as it came, carried off on some errant breeze that might blow her away any second.

She offered him nothing…not a blessed thing that wasn’t his rightful due as a man, as a human (in theory)…as a person.

Amelia Steed wasn’t like any of the other girls, because she wasn’t trying to make anything of him. She was just another girl, and he just another boy…and there was something about the idea of being the boy to her girl that rather appealed to him.

Muse: Spike
Fandom: BtVS
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