Apr. 24th, 2008

ifollowmyblood: ([To Baileigh] You Treated Me Like A Man)
He wanted to kill the wanker...but that wasn't the best idea he'd ever had, seeing as how the bloke wasn't all bad, and a necessary member of the team. Still, he'd hurt Baileigh...or something to that effect. He hated that there were far too many good, solid reasons not to just off the bastard.

There was also the pesky bit about the soul, of course...

Shaking it off, Spike shut down his laptop and closed it up, shoving it into his bag as quickly as he could so he could get inside and get to Baileigh. The Callahans had been around for a bit now, having just preceded that mouthy little rogue Slayer in their arrival. Cain wasn't a bad sort, and his daughter was really a good kid if you could get around her attitude problem...which Spike could do.

In the short time he'd known Cain, he'd learned three things: the man was stubborn, loyal, and wouldn't touch a woman in anger to save his life...which was why he was probably such a blistering sod when he opened his damn mouth.

Retreating into the house, Spike made a beeline for Baileigh's room. Trying the knob and finding it locked, he debated breaking the lock just to get inside...but that would result in a lot of yelling and screaming he was in no mood for, and oh yes: replacing the bloody thing himself. So would be the will of Terry, Mother Of All Nonsense.

Rolling his eyes, he knocked instead, calling out. "Bee? Open up, pet, s' me!"
ifollowmyblood: ([Emote] Not Buying It)
-fixed poker games
-slots in every bloody convenience store
-decided lack of single-deck blackjack anywhere
-roulette, period
-the loan sharks I still owe that are keeping me from visiting the Golden Nugget ever again
- age limit in the casinos...s' what I get y'know. Surround myself with underage girls, all the soddin' time, makes it impossible to gamble anywhere. [EDIT: Slayers, you filthy-minded wankers. Thank you, Buffy.]
-the heat
-the cheap souveniers
-its proximity to California, and by default, Los Angeles. I know Corpus Christi's just as bloody close, but it doesn't feel that way, so shut it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
ifollowmyblood: ([Emote] Baby I'm A Hunter...)

- get online and order some more lumber...swear, these birds go through stakes like a man goes through women. Or...y'know...the way I used to go through nuns...

- Record PASSIONS, missed it yesterday...oh, and ask Bee what the bugger happened.

- Train with Beth Ann and the witchlet a bit...if the little bit's to stay around here, she's got to learn a little self-defense.

- Talk to that bloke downtown about the codex I promised Duquette.

- Beat up that Myrian demon uptown for the text I promised Junior.

- Find five bloody minutes to sleep...I know I don't need it physically, but these girls are mentally fucking exhausting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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