ifollowmyblood: ([Emote] Baby I'm A Hunter...)
ifollowmyblood ([personal profile] ifollowmyblood) wrote2008-04-24 01:33 pm

[Make Your List] 20.1 - List of Reminders


- get online and order some more lumber...swear, these birds go through stakes like a man goes through women. Or...y'know...the way I used to go through nuns...

- Record PASSIONS, missed it yesterday...oh, and ask Bee what the bugger happened.

- Train with Beth Ann and the witchlet a bit...if the little bit's to stay around here, she's got to learn a little self-defense.

- Talk to that bloke downtown about the codex I promised Duquette.

- Beat up that Myrian demon uptown for the text I promised Junior.

- Find five bloody minutes to sleep...I know I don't need it physically, but these girls are mentally fucking exhausting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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